Reknowned for Years of Functional Quality.

Clemen Construction has been consulting, planning, and completing the highest quality of homes since 1999. Founder Gary Clemen's extensive 28 years of experience at all levels of construction proves not only to streamline the entire building process, but more importantly, equates to the best possible finished product.

Clemen Construction specializes in complete home construction, as well as smaller remodeling and build-out functions. While it is uncommon for a builder of Clemen's pedigree to facilitate smaller jobs, Gary has not forgotten what built the business initially: individuals with an expec-tation of quality work done quickly. Clemen Construction's reputation rests on a belief in unyielding care and crafts-manship, supported by an unwavering drive for perfection. His meticulous approach results in unique works of outstanding quality and value. The end product is a completed project that not only fits your immediate needs, but also can be enjoyed for generations to come.


"I have worked with other contractors in the past. It was nice to work with Gary because he was the first one to show up when he said he would and did all he said he would do. He knew my time was valuable, too, and didn't waste it. I like that about him."
-Bill and Linda Callahan

"We started out needing a deck put on our house. We ended up with a deck, screened-in porch, and a remodeled kitchen! Gary and the guys were fantastic! Their suggestions and work made our house complete. Thanks, guys."
-Pat and Carol Fenelon

"Amazing job, Gary. I couldn't possibly be happier. You not only built me a house, you made me a home."
-Margie Breese

"We have some friends who were aware of Gary's quality work. They recommended... insisted, really... that we call him for a bid on our house's construction.  We sure are glad we called him. His bid was the most complete and well thought-out. Once he started building, things got interesting. While we had a great set of plans from which to work, we also had numerous changes along the way. Gary and his subs were all really accommodating to not only the plan modifications, but also understanding to the fact that we wanted our home to be "ours"  entirely. What began as a seemingly normal build turned-out to be anything but. We've incorporated a number of permanent-fixture antique and family heirloom items into our new construction.  We further used many uncommon materials, supplies, and suppliers. Gary did not bat an eye at our ideas and demand—and the result is absolutely beautiful. We love this home!"
-Randy and Patricia Judge


How much is my project going to cost?
Nobody likes surprises in the construction process. Clemen Construction believes in open communication throughout the entire building process. This allows you to achieve exactly what you want and know beforehand what your budget will be. Clemen Construction believes that you can have painstaking attention to detail and still be affordable. Value truly meets function with Clemen Construction.

Will someone come and look at my space to give me an estimate?
Yes. Gary will be happy to meet with you to survey your space and offer solutions as part of the consultation phase of the project. His calm confidence will assure you from the initial meeting that your project will be done professionally and to your exact specifications. Clemen Construction's extensive client list compliments beautifully the broad range of home styles and projects that Gary has fulfilled.

Will sub-contractors be utilized?
Yes. Clemen Construction works with the most highly regarded trades people in the industry. Clemen's select group of plumbers, painters, concrete specialists, heating and cooling, and electricians mirror Gary's expectation of excellence. Whilst sub-contractors are a key aspect of completing new home construction, Gary himself will be on-site and on-hand—daily—to oversee each step of the job. Gary is a proud member of the Dubuque, State of Iowa, and National Homebuilders Associations.


Clemen Construction
Gary Clemen
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